"The Sword Duel", 2017


A commission from Michael W. Choi to recreate visuals to accompany his music. The score Michael composed was inspired from a scene in the Spanish film, "Pancho, El Perro Millonario" (2014) directed by Tom Fernández. 

"Detour", 2015


A young boy takes an excursion on his way home from school. Sometimes, we just don't know where our fantasies could take us.This original collection of beat boards came from the Inktober Challenge of October 2015. 

"21 Drinks", 2013


Seymour, a college student who wakes up on his 21st birthday. Will he spend it at the bar taking shots or none at all? "21 Drinks" is an original story that explores the hype of turning the legal drinking age, and the culture of drinking that some percieve as equal to being accepted by everyone else.

"The Morgue", 2013


My class was given a script without the film title and had to choose a short scene to board. We were not allowed to know what the film was nor watch it. Here is my interpretation of the morgue scene from "Chinatown" (1974).

"Aesop's Western", 2013


Prompt: Take a specific film genre and use it to portray one of Aesop's fables. Have you heard of a western Aesop fable?

This story is inspired by Aesop's "The Lion and the Mouse".

"Heirloom", 2013

What happens when you're setting up a garage sale, but your son helps?

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