"The Sword Duel"

Re-visualized scene from the Spanish film, "Pancho, El Perro Millonario" (2014), by Tom Fernandez (c)

Animatic and inspired music by Michael W. Choi (c)

Storyboards by Ariel Chan (c)

In February of 2017, I was commissioned by Michael to recreate visuals for his music that was inspired by a scene in "Pancho, El Perro Millonario". In order to not replicate too much of the original film, I slightly altered the designs of the characters. I boarded a total of 96 shots, all on 3"x5" postcards. After scanning them, I digitally cleaned and added shadows in Clip Studio Paint.

You can view more of Michael's music work here!

This finished work is for portfolio use only, and is not to be redistributed for any other purpose.

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